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We're open to suggestions for additional features!

  • May 26, 2018
  • by TwelvePointFive

Hey everyone, we've got some exciting new things to show off today! We are proud to announce the first two dedicated game servers for OmniGamers! Currently the available servers are Factorio and Team Fortress 2.

Our Factorio server's IP is (port 27016) and its password is omnigamers. It's pretty simplistic, and there haven't been any changes from the default settings. We are definitely open to adding and tweaking things in the future though, so let us know your suggestions!

Our Team Fortress 2 server's IP is (or connect from your browser: steam://connect/ and has no password. It's currently running on a map rotation that includes both base game maps and some cool community Workshop maps! The full list is below:

cp_dustbowl, pl_cashworks_final1, koth_nucleus, cp_sulfur_rc1, pl_hoodoo_final, cp_gorge, ctf_haarp, koth_lazarus, koth_luftangriff_b5a, pl_badwater, pl_corrode_rc2, pl_upward, pl_shoreleave_rc1, koth_lakeside_event, cp_overgrown_rc6, koth_king, koth_cinder_rc3, pl_barnblitz, cp_glassworkds_rc6a, koth_sawmill, cp_glacier_rc6, cp_mossrock, pl_skirmish_b2, pl_borneo, cp_dispatch_b4, koth_viaduct, pl_oasis_b4, and pl_goldrush It also runs 18 bots (9 per team) on standard difficulty for you to play along with! They're pretty nice people robots once you get to know them. All server settings are default (other than random bullet spread being disabled), and there are not additional plugins yet. If you have suggestions for maps or server features, feel free to let us know!

Of course, there are some rules to remember too! All of the rules from OmniGamers apply on its servers. We don't currently have any specific rules or restrictions other than that, but if we start noticing issues we will start having to take action. That being said, we're very excited to finally get these out for you all, and there is definitely room for more servers in the future. If you have any additional comments, questions, or concerns, message TwelvePointFive on Discord. Happy playing!

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