Remember What Memorial Day Stands For

Honoring Those Who Sacrificed For Our Freedoms

  • May 28, 2018
  • by Kryptix

This post to remind everyone to keep in mind what Memorial Day actually means. Many of us enjoy the longer weekend, celebrate it as the "official" start of Summer or a weekend to get some "great deals" with stores offering sales. Memorial Day is a day of reflection and honor to those in the armed forces who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. As a US Navy veteran, I feel it's important to write this so the meaning of the day isn't lost. While Memorial Day is a US holiday, I think it's important for everyone in the world to reflect on the struggles of the past and the sacrifices those made to protect their loved ones and their country's beliefs.

Those who served, either voluntarily or were drafted, all served to better the way of life for everyone in their country and protect our way of life. Was is not great, it's terrible, but those who have served and served honorably were brave and selfless. Find out if anyone in your family has served and make sure to thank them. If they are no longer here, take some time today, or soon, to visit their grave and let them know that you appreciate what they sacrificed.

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