June Town Hall Meeting

Discussion Regarding the Community!

  • Jun 7, 2018
  • by Wolfalamew

Heyo Guys! Well, here's another one, ALREADY?!? Yep! It's time for the monthly Town hall meeting and, though not much happened in May, it went pretty fast! We hope y'all had a great time, and now have a great summer! We have a lot of stuff to do now!

Community Servers: We are working subsequently on Unturned and Minecraft Severs. It might be helpful to have Connection Info on the website and we have added a Community Servers channel in the bulletin board of discord.

Coordinator Discussion: Patreon? What perks? Who would donate? Well perks wise, it came mostly to game perks, commands/ranks in servers, Patreon only/first events, trinkets, and discord ranks. We still aren't very sure how many would donate, but there might be only one way to try out ;)

Activity: Relative Amount of people joining per week: 2-3 Relative amount of People in game nights/weeks: 5 AT MAX this is a problem. The idea to do specific game nights to allocate to specific time areas or one game allocated to a whole month came up, so we might try this to see how that goes. Maybe have people suggest game night ideas? We also have the gamer of the week as a "prize" but maybe something more... What would incentivize y'all? Maybe steam credits? Maybe game items?

Where to post art? We now have #viewtiful-art so you dont need to be a Creator (rank) <3 Art from community members to others? Maybe a rank? Like "Graphic Designer" or "Writer" etc.

Currency Bot to trade for tasks? Maybe give coins for doing tasks, game nights, patreons etc. Also reset it every month, and give a rank for top holder. XPBot reset monthly. And if someone hits a specific rank they get a community based reward. Or maybe if someone can outrank Kryptix...

Help channel? We might end up having a rank for people to help that will be rewarded. A help channel might be useful.. We might have a poll about this soon....

Maybe have a Bot to automate stuff more? We put a poll on this! Give your opinion!

A note from Kryptix: Below is a recording of the meeting thanks to TwelvePointFive!

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