Summer Time Events!

As it gets hot outside, stay cool inside with games!

  • Jun 29, 2018
  • by Kryptix

After a hiatus last month, we're back with some events for the community! We're working hard on finding a solution to increase turn out for our events. This is a topic we'll be bringing up at our town hall meetings for a while. The reason is that it's much more fun of an event when more show up to play! Please let us know in Discord if there are any games you'd like us to schedule, we're always open to new ideas! Below are our events for July. Click on the link for each one to see when the event starts in your time zone (the calendar auto-updates to show local time).

July 7 - Rocket League Antics
July 8 - Pre-Town Hall Q 'n A, Town Hall Meeting
July 11 - Ninjaaaaaas in Spaaaaaace!
July 13-15 - Battle Royale Weekend
July 14 - TF2 with Friends - Early Shot, TF2 with Friends
July 22 - Rocket League Antics
July 23 - What the F...actorio

June 30-Aug 19 - Warships Clan Matches

One last note for July. On July 1, we'll be resetting everyone's XP levels with MEE6 bot and starting our XP event! If you can beat me in XP levels by the end of July, you'll receive a special rank in Discord! If you also happen to take the top spot in XP by the end of the month as well, you'll receive a $10 Steam gift card! Depending on how this event goes, we'll work on making this a regular event! Just be prepared to put some work into this! Looking forward to seeing you in game!

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