Tifa Joins the Team!

A graphics artist to help things look spiffy!

  • Jul 5, 2018
  • by Wolfalamew

I am glad to announce another creator, but this time, we have another artist joining the group! Please give a warm welcome to TifaDoesArt, now Mear won’t feel like the only artist! And we can force--I mean ask her to help out with graphical projects (lol just kidding)! But seriously, it is always nice to have new members to our creators team, and now a statement from Tifa:

“I love drawing and am a huge advocate for all arts, be it drawing, singing or even planning a dungeons and dragons adventure. Creativity and art isn’t exclusive to those with ‘talent’, everyone can be creative and everyone should be!”

Instagram: instagram.com/tifadoesart

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