Gaming with a Community!

OmniGamers was founded after the transition of changing ownership of the Minecraft community OmniKraft to VentureKraft.
We formed to coordinate gaming events to keep the community together, but we have expanded to open up to all gamers,
to provide a fun and safe environment to play the games we enjoy.

Creators Stream and Record Our Games to Share


“Hey everyone. I’ve been interested in computers ever since we got a Commodore64 way back in the 80’s. My game interests are primarily RTS, strategy, building, and some RPG. I’ve also gotten hooked on the FPS Overwatch; Junkrat specifically.”


“What's up guys? I've been enjoying video games for over a decade and I thought I'd try my hand at sharing some of the fun with you guys. I also enjoy artistic games and games with deep stories.”


“Hi Everyone! I enjoy Music, Movies, and Video games. On my channel you’ll find some video game "let’s plays" as well as some music covers. I play a lot of Minecraft, but I also enjoy strategy games and first person shooters.”


“I love playing video games and I love drawing stuff. So I thought: Why not share it with the world? And here I am! Even if you’re not interested in my channel, check out the other awesome people in the OmniGamers Community!”


“I stream plugin creation and server development. I use my streams to teach people how to make plugins and setup their servers. I love to chat with my viewers so don't be afraid to ask questions!”


“Hi there. If I had to pick my favorite games to play, it would be strategy games. That’s a broad term and can be used for many games but I love it because each play through is Our Newchallenge.”

    The Randomist    

“Hi, I've been gaming since I was a kid playing Theme Hospital on Win 95. These days you'll usually find me playing strategy or RPG games if I'm not working through a backlog of Steam games.”

        Raskhol Shiro        

“Minecraft youotuber from Croatia, Europe. Huge fan of games and creative projects, gummy bears and good music.”


“My name is Red. I am a nerd. My video game history is a bit erratic. I played Super Mario World, MK1, MK2, and a few other games on SNES.”